Sri Lanka Food Security Fund Project Update (2022 October)

We would like to introduce the 2022 October midterm report of Gojo Foundation’s Sri Lanka Food Security Fund project. Read the full report in PDF here.

Overall Progress

 • As of October 20, we have distributed 77.3% (5746 out of 7438) of our vouchers to expecting mothers through all 21 Sejaya branches across Sri Lanka

 • We expect to finish distribution by the end of this month

 • Following that, we will conduct interviews with 5 beneficiaries per branch in the first week of November

Words from a Beneficiary


“The present economic crisis badly affected our family, mainly in fulfilling food and nutrition requirements. 

Although the home garden program is being promoted, we have problems in fulfilling the food and nutrition requirements. Prices of food items have been increasing rapidly. So, some mothers were unable to purchase at least rice (main food item in Sri Lanka). 

Under this kind of situation, the financial assistance given by the Gojo Japan and Sejaya Micro Credit Company will helps us fulfill our nutrition requirements, at least for one month. It is a great help for us. 

So I would like to thank Gojo Japan and Sejaya Microcredit company on behalf of all the mothers.”

Pictures from the Field

More pictures are available on the PDF report.